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We live in a beautiful, sunburnt country with a climate absolutely ideal for harvesting solar energy… but the average Aussie isn’t enjoying the immense benefits of this sunshine!

Half of Aussie homes use electric water heaters. These are the largest single source of greenhouse gases in the country, creating a whopping 80% of hot water emissions. Short-sighted and cost-heavy, this is no way to heat your H2O! Time to opt for a progressively cleaner, greener, simpler solution. 

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It’s time to save money with solar.


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Up to 90% of Hot Water – FREE!

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We can help you switch your system to solar today.

Installing efficient, well-positioned solar panels linked to a hot water system has amazing potential to shave 75-90% off your hot water heating costs! The long-term return on your investment means you will enjoy significantly reduced energy bills – and loads of free hot water heated by nature!

Solar Hot Water

there’s a lot to absorb!

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There’s more than sunshine to absorb when it comes to heating your house with solar energy. Firstly, you need to check what hot water system you are currently running from. Heat pump, gas, or electricity? Is it a combi? Is the tank storage capacity ideal for your current household? Do you need roof-mounted solar panels, or can your solar system sit beside the house?


STOP there.

You need an expert, local team to manage a quality solar installation. From hello to that first hot shower, Hot Water Maintenance can guide your installation.

We do everything.

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We offer the complete package. Unlike other solar hot water services, our team source AND manage installation of solar panels, plus link it up with a new or existing hot water system. No jumping between two companies. No juggling multiple contractors or half jobs. And 100% transparent, clear advice tailored to your property. 

We’ve been servicing the North Shore area for more than 40 years, so when it comes to hot water – we know how to get the job right, first time.

7 Incredible Benefits of our Solar Hot Water Service:

  • Pro advice on the most efficient system for your lifestyle
  • Noticeable savings on your electricity bills
  • Add value to your existing home
  • Reduce your carbon footprint (without overhauling your lifestyle)
  • Increased long-term durability compared to conventional heaters
  • Fully licensed crew with trusted, local supplier relationships
  • Ease of installation (we do everything for you!)

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Customers reviews

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Mighty fine work was performed. Great bunch of blokes, would definitely recommend to people in need!
Liam Connel
Thanks Hot Water Maintenance for rescuing us installing a new hot water system on boxing day. We thought we would’ve been without hot water for days. Service second to none!
Nicholas Martell
We were delighted with the swift response of HWM. Their pricing is reasonable and most of all, we have received excellent feedback from the tenants. We will certainly be using them in the future.
Janice Collings
LJ Hooker Manly | Property Manager

Best Solar Pricing Guaranteed

We ensure your solar panels are installed with the best positioning and direction for optimal sun exposure. We work with the most durable materials that can survive temperature extremes or outages. And we have exclusive access to a NSW-wide network of electrical and plumbing service technicians.

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Upgrade your System to Solar Today

Hot Water Maintenance are trained and ready to personally manage your entire solar installation project. Our professionalism and competitive pricing make it a simple decision to upgrade your system and downgrade your energy bill. You’ll soon be recommending solar to every neighbour and his dog!



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