Gas Hot Water Systems

How Gas Hot Water Systems Work

There are two types of gas hot water systems:

Storage – Also referred to as a tank system, water is continually heated inside a tank with a gas burner.

Instant – Also called tankless or continuous, where a burner is ignited only when the water is needed, so it doesn’t need a tank.

Benefits Of A Gas Hot Water System

Drawbacks Of A Gas Hot Water System

Every home and situation is unique, so we recommend contacting us to discuss what the best solution for you and your needs are.

Storage Gas Hot Water System

Gas hot water tank system

Tank hot water systems heat and store water in a closed tank. As hot water is used, more water is pulled into the tank and heated. 

Tank systems are better suited for families given the large amount of readily available hot water.

However, if everyone is using hot water, don’t be surprised when your steaming hot shower slowly turns into a freezing spray down.

Benefits Of A Tank System

Instant Gas Hot Water System

Gas hot water tankless system

Tankless hot water systems heat the water up as it’s needed. Water is pumped through heating elements as soon as a hot water tap is turned on. 

Instantaneous systems are better suited for small households given the limited capacity to deliver large amounts of hot water. If two fixtures are running hot water at the same time, the temperature will be lower than desired.

Benefits Of A Tankless System

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