What is the best hot water system?

best hot water system

When it comes to the installation of a hot water system, one often hears the question “What is the best hot water system to install in my home? “

This blog article explores the various hot water systems available to homeowners and compares the differences between them. We also provide some tips on how you can make an informed decision on how to choose the right hot water system for your home.

What types of hot water systems are available in the Australian market

Various hot water systems can be classified by the type of energy used to heat water. For each energy source, households can also choose between continuous/instant hot water systems or storage hot water systems.

Electric Hot water system

The electric system is the cheapest and easiest to install. It only requires minimal maintenance and, unlike gas systems, is safe to use because it does not produce carbon monoxide or harmful gases during operation. While the electric system has the lowest upfront costs, it has higher operating costs because of lower energy efficiency. You may not have access to hot water during a power outage.

Gas Hot water system

best electric hot water system
A gas hot water system may be the most expensive to install, but it’s also got the lowest operating cost! Moreover, compared to electric systems, a gas system can still function even during a power outage, making it reliable. However, if you don’t look after your gas-hot water system, things could get pretty unsafe. Gas hot water systems should be installed outside or where there is good ventilation. One also needs to ensure natural gas is accessible in your area. If not, electric and solar systems may be the more practical option.

Solar Hot water System

This system uses sunlight to heat your water and is the most efficient hot water system out of the three. Whilst solar hot water systems may have higher upfront costs, they are totally worth it in the long run because of the energy savings gained from using solar energy. With good maintenance, it can last for more than 20 years. Regular maintenance is necessary and may include tasks like cleaning the panels, checking connections and wiring, and making sure everything is working correctly.

Continuous/intstant hot water systems

These systems are smaller and more compact than bulky storage tanks, saving valuable space. They can also save you money on your energy bill because they only heat the water you need. Nevertheless, the initial cost of a continuous hot water system can be higher, making it less accessible for some homeowners. Additionally, due to its limited flow rate, this system may not be adequate for households with high hot water usage. 

Storage hot water systems

This system consists of a large tank where hot water is stored and readily available for use. With a well-maintained system, this type of storage can offer a dependable source of hot water. Furthermore, its simple installation can help you save both time and money on installation fees. Compared to continuous systems, storage systems are not as energy-efficient because of the need to constantly keep stored water heated. Storage hot water systems are great for homes with ample storage space.

Considerations When Selecting a Hot Water System

Size of household

In choosing a hot water system, you should first consider the number of people in your household since it determines the required amount of hot water. Too small, and it won’t be enough for a larger household. And if it’s too big, it can result in energy waste. So, keep in mind the number of people in your household and choose the hot water system that’s just right!

Household hot water usage pattern

Another thing you need to consider is how frequently your household uses hot water because it helps determine the appropriate size and type of system needed. If your family wants to get ready at the same time, you might need a larger system to keep the hot water flowing. But if you shower at different times throughout the day, a smaller system might do the trick.


Let’s not forget about the money factor when choosing the best hot water system. Remember that each hot water system has different purchasing, installation, maintenance, and repair costs. By factoring in your budget when selecting a hot water system, you can ensure that you make a practical and sustainable choice that meets your household’s needs while also being cost-effective.

Resources Available

Australians are blessed with ample energy supply, from abundant sunlight, to excellent gas and electricity grids. As experienced hot water system experts, Hot Water Maintenance Northern Beaches can offer the best advice based on the location of your home.

Available space for installation

Last but not the least, it’s important to factor in the available space for installation when choosing a hot water system. This is because some systems may have bigger space requirements than others. It’s crucial to make sure that the system you select can fit comfortably in the intended area. Keep in mind that a system that doesn’t fit properly can lead to safety hazards, poor performance, and additional expenses for modifications or reinstallation. So, always make sure to consider the available space for installation when selecting your hot water system.


Finding the best hot water system for your home requires careful consideration. From electric, storage, continuous, and gas, to solar, each system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. These factors include upfront costs, energy efficiency, and reliability.

The most suitable system for you will vary depending on your specific requirements. While an electric system is the most affordable option initially, it may result in higher energy expenses over time. On the other hand, gas and solar systems are more expensive upfront options. However, opting for gas or solar systems can lead to long-term cost savings if natural gas and sunshine are easily accessible in your area.

Finally, our team of professionals is available to answer any questions and provide reliable service for all your hot water system needs. Our licensed plumbers are guaranteed to offer expert advice to help you choose the best hot water system that suits your specific requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in contact by filling out our contact form or calling us today!